A wheel can't stand still movement is in it's nature.

Interpreting the status quo. Minus the bullsh*t.

So what is Vagabund?

Do you know the feeling when you get a new idea, you tell your friend about it and the answer is “We have to do this!”. This feeling is Vagabund. The only difference is that we're actually turning ideas into reality.

When it comes to creating, be it vehicles or anything else, we are truly restless. We elaborate ideas until our definition of simplicity, functionality, honesty and excitement emerge into one final product. Along the way we see struggles as opportunities and stand firm to our vision and the process.

We build motorcycles

* Whatever the f*** we want

From the mere beginning it was never about engines, bikes, cars or bent metal-sheets. It’s about the excitement of going from imagination to design and to engineering by being deeply enthusiastic about one thing: creating the best out of amazing products. Seeing everything come together always proves our vision right.

Our projects embody radical reinterpretation, contemporary design and technical refinement. If you are on the same page as we are, find out what working with us means.

Project Overview

Meet the Dudes

We could tell you that we have been friends since we were building our sandcastles with matte black sand and a shiny two-pipe exhaust-system. But that is not true. We met while doing what we love: driving.

The one knows how to weld and the other one knows where to weld. This balance between craft and design is still the essential baseline for every development of a Vagabund product.


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Meet Our Buddies

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the tremendous work by a motivated group of professionals, who make our shine.

Stefan Leitner


Thomas Boder

Mechanical Enigneering