A wheel can't stand still movement is in it's nature.

Let’s make it simple;
make it sincere.

Over the years, we've built many things. One of them is our own process. Spending up to a year working on a project leaves you with some great memories. Taking things apart piece by piece and putting them back together carefully, with every piece considered. And then it's gone. But you never fully forget what you build. To make any product memorable and individual, we make sure to go on a journey together.


Embrace the process

Our motorcycles, cars, and whatever we might be working on don't just appear. Not in a garage and not in our minds. They're the result of work. And a lot of it. It’s important to understand: getting it right doesn't just happen. The process is part of the product and makes it valuable.


Details matter

We soon realized that by creating a consistent product, it is necessary to consider every essential detail. Resulting from this, we decided to only work on entire and holistic projects, because all details merge into the final product. Creating something new isn’t just done by changing the handlebar and putting a stamp on it.


Trust and be trusted

An essential part in designing any product is letting us know what you like and don't like. This is what we need to create something truly special for you. Your involvement and taste is crucial. But so is ours. You hired us because you liked what we create, so you can be sure and trust us that we keep doing the same things you liked from us in the past, in the future. This time for you.


We won’t just do anything

Yes, we like to create, but staying true to our own principles and standards means that we're not afraid to say “no”. Sometimes to bad ideas, sometimes to entire projects. We want to make sure, that the outcome is going to be ideal for you and appealing to us. Even if that means refusing to pick up a single tool or pencil and start working.


The reward of patience

Good things take time and these things don't always come easy. We need trust, collaboration, respect, time, and money. We let ideas prove themselves and sometimes we might rethink our decisions to achieve an even better outcome. Don’t worry, it won’t get more expensive - only better.

Function rides ahead, with form cruising in its airstream. Ultimately, they arrive at satisfaction together. All products must do their job, perform as expected or better, and not just stand there and look nice.