A motorcycle can‘t stand still, movement is in its nature. Vagabund Moto has dedicated itself to the reinterpretation of this timeless method of transportation as it is singular in aesthetics and performance. We‘re not reinventing the wheel, but we‘re rethinking it. Our projects are never forced into a form like cafe racer, scrambler, tracker, brat, chopper or bobber. These are just guidelines, ready to be broken.

We think of the motorcycle as a state of being, as it‘s transcending class and status like no other vehicle. These high-octane pieces are custom-crafted by hand in a workshop located in the North of Graz, Austria. You can find them worldwide. You can never fully own them though, because a true vagabond forever belongs to the road.

To talk about your project, specs, pricing or a cooperation just contact us. Or start the journey:

+43 676 5066652 | | 8051 Graz/Austria