A wheel can't stand still movement is in it's nature.


Electric Bicycle

The majestic Platzhirsch is bursting with strength and lives up to his name. With his electric backpacks, the purist claims all the hells of the urban jungle.

— https://www.blessthisstuff.com
Manufacturing 7-9 weeks

The organic shape of the steel frame guarantees noticeable driving comfort and gives the Platzhirsch an unmistakable look - a unique feast for the eyes! The precise electric drive adapts to your driving style and conjures a wide smile on your face thanks to the strong 40 Nm torque at the rear wheel.

For the medium distance, the electrified all-rounder is equipped with a battery discreetly integrated into the down tube and has a range of up to 80 km. For longer journeys through urban areas, a range extender with an extension of up to 60 km can be optionally connected. The Platzhirsch is navigated in a contemporary, digital way via an app, while emerging dangers are directly targeted via the bright LED headlights.

Incidentally, the frame of our Platzhirsch is developed and produced entirely in Germany. Each piece that is released into the wild enhances the regional value and makes a sustainable contribution to environmentally conscious mobility.

The sleek bike has a distinctive design and an ergonomic construction, at the back you get a curvy frame that acts as a way of dispersing strains and shocks on the rear wheel but also contributes in giving it its distinct look. High grade steel is used for the frame and building quality is set at a very high standard, using state of the art seamless steel welding, making it ready to take on the challenges of urban commuting. It is also packed with technical solutions, you get integrated LED lights at the front and back that are powered by the built in dynamo in the front wheel hub, you also get a GPS tracking system should it ever get stolen.